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-Jeffery S

This changed my life amazingly, help me understand and accept things in my past so I can grow and help make a difference. Never be afraid if your willing to change. That’s what Lisa did for me and I’m no longer afraid of who I was, I found my authentic self and I have her to thank for this. Thank you so very much for all you have done for me

-Evan W

Spiritual Growth Therapy is one-of-a-kind when it comes to treating their patients. They are not only selfless, but they are extremely talented. They put themselves in the shoes of every patient that walks into the door of their establishment. Spiritual Growth Therapy is not just an outpatient center, it is a way of life, almost like a code that teaches you to be positive and empower not only yourself, but others that need it the most. The success rate with Spiritual Growth Therapy Holistic Outpatient Center is just about impeccable. If you need trauma therapy or must see the best psychotherapists, please go there right away.

-Stacey R

Spiritual Growth therapy has helped me tremendously with my addiction and most importantly my mental health. There relaxing and meditative atmosphere along with there staff has been instrumental in my growth in many areas of my life and I am forever grateful.

-Katelyn S

Spiritual Growth Therapy has helped me to love myself more, to realize that I have a Higher Power. I no longer have to focus on the past; I can live in the present. I can have positive coping skills, like using “I am” statements. I believe that I am confident, I am positive, and I am strong.

-Katrina, family member of client

Spiritual Growth Therapy has helped me to balance my life, thoughts and emotions. I love the staff. The staff has been very helpful to me. I have made lifetime friendships here with other clients. I am going to miss the clients and the staff the most. The living conditions are very nice. This place has saved me from the stress of wanting to end my life. I am excited to reunite with my family and daughter and for them to see my growth. I will continue to take one day at a time and not let myself get overwhelmed, as Spiritual Growth Therapy has taught me.

-Caroline G.

Spiritual Growth Therapy is the treatment center that saved my life and helped me to get sober today. I have been in and out of treatments, but this time it was real and I evolved my spiritual self out of this person I once was the past 5 years into who I truly wanted to be. I have done the PHP program, IOP program, and now I am approaching the end of the OP program. The Spiritual Growth Therapy approach has not only changed my way of thinking but has taught me healthy ways to live my everyday life. Graduating from the trauma therapy program was a big achievement in my life. If it was not for my trauma therapist teaching me to overcome obstacles in my life, it would have never worked. A big part of Spiritual Growth Therapy is their amazing staff that truly cares and makes everyone feel at home. Spiritual Growth Therapy has given me a new life and perspective so much I’ve been able to open up and work with my therapists, the clinical director, the nurses, and the owners. I am officially coming up on 6 months clean, working, living in a sober community; I now have a relationship with my family, and am happy with myself. Spiritual Growth Therapy is where I got sober and I am truly grateful and blessed.

-Jennifer W

Paul is extremely caring, compassionate and an incredible therapist. What differentiates him from so many therapists is that you don’t just talk and leave feeling like nothings changed he provides tools to put you into action so you leave feeling invigorated, hopeful, and confident that you will thrive.

 -Shannon A

Lisa is an amazing therapist. She makes you feel comfortable enough to speak what’s on your mind. I’ve had many therapists and Lisa is the only one who has gotten straight to the problem and helped resolve it. I am grateful to have found someone to help me work through the issues.

-Brandon M

Lisa and Paul are amazing therapists. They have helped me tremendously. It has been highly effective in my life. They do things a little different which was awesome and I couldn’t be happier. Truly changed my life for the better!!!


-Joseph R

Paul and Lisa are hands down the best therapists. I have been to multiple treatments, detox and outpatients, but nothing can compare to these two. I can actually say they saved my life. You will not find any clinical care like this outpatient. People can say what they want but I know first hand that Lisa and Paul truly care.


-Sheria K.

My therapy experience was a first time experience. I was nervous and uncertain as most people who are entering into their first therapy session would rightfully feel. With that said, I made a decision to enter therapy with an open mind and to trust Lisa and her knowledge/years of experience as a trauma therapist. I also believe you get what you are willing to put into it in terms of work. That was my attitude I chose and the intent I set entering into therapy. What I received was better than I could have expected. I felt at complete ease with Lisa with her calming presence. She caters to your needs (mine included past trauma and short term goals) while collaboratively working with you through each session. She provided guidance and counsel to help bring awareness of my various childhood traumas that were deeply rooted and hidden that I was completely unaware of yet were affecting my present life. I’m now at peace with all the past traumas and I’m moving forward confidently in a positive direction. I’ve transformed into a better version of myself because of the therapy experience. I highly recommend therapy with Lisa. Thank you Lisa. You have a beautiful soul. Your incredible service has not only impacted me, but so many others who have the potential within to eliminate pain and suffering and choose to walk a life in the direction of love and light.


-Taylor L.

From the moment we walked into Spiritual Growth Therapy, we felt warmth like no other that we had visited. The serenity was most apparent. Since that first visit, we have not been disappointed. My daughter didn’t deal with her sexual abuse until she started talking with the therapists in this facility. And, my daughter has thrived. As parents, we have seen a remarkable improvement in her personality and disposition. Her trauma therapist has personally kept in contact with us on a weekly basis via phone or a family session that includes our daughter. The weekly family group sessions without the clients have proved invaluable. We just completed a weekend of guided healing just for the parents, sisters, brothers and other loved ones. It included such sessions as trauma, gestalt, neuro-linguistic programming, etc. I highly recommend this treatment center. Stop your search and bring your loved one here.

-S.R., mother of client

I feel grateful for participating in Spiritual Growth Therapy’s family weekend workshop. I was able to experience the dedication, expertise and caring environment that my son is able to participate in and with the hope that he realizes that his parents and the rest of the family love him very much.


My name is Katie and Spiritual Growth Therapy has helped me in many ways. I appreciate all of the staff and clients who I have met throughout my stay here. I came from the streets and Spiritual Growth Therapy has been able to help me recover from my disease. The struggles that I have been through have been difficult but SGT has been able to get me through them. Everyone was so kind and helpful. My future looks bright now and I have hope.


Over the last 90 days, Spiritual Growth Therapy has helped me cope with my depression, anxiety and my addiction. Spiritual Growth Therapy taught me that negative energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed by re-directing negative thoughts, finding what I am grateful for, using daily affirmations and manifestation. Before I came here, I could not envision a productive future for myself but this center has helped me to find a job, find a place to live and provide for myself. For those who have a lack of outside emotional support, the staff here really know how to reach out and show care and concern for the clients. They are not hesitant to connect with everyone on a personal level. They are generous and understanding. All the clients work together and support each other. I was able to work through my trauma resulting in less anxiety and better self-confidence. Out of all the treatment facilities I have been to, I can honestly say Spiritual Growth Therapy has opened my eyes to my spirituality the most thus enabling me to lead a more intuitive and connected existence.